Welcoming Our 10th Anniversary Year (祝・MUCの創立10周年)


The beginning of a year has always been considered as the right time to begin new plans for improvement. For MUC, the beginning of 2009 is more than a starting point. It is also the time to celebrate its 10th anniversary. “The 10th anniversary shall be a turning point for all employees and management to rearrange bigger plans together for the future”, Sugianto said in MUC’s Employee Gathering last November 2008. The spirit to bring the plans into reality has to be maintained to prevent it from disappearance as the time goes. For this reason, this year MUC introduces an anniversary logo that will appear in all MUC’s documents and publications. This logo is expected to boost the spirit of all MUC’s employees and management in this whole year.

The anniversary logo is illustrated a person who is turning a wheel forward with dominant colors of yellow, grey, and orange. Yellow represents the optimism and hopes, while grey represents future impression which is inseparable with the warm relation among MUC, clients, and business relation as represented with orange color. In general, this logo represents MUC’s wish to always move forward and develop rapidly together in the future.

Dynamic design applied in the logo describes MUC as a company that always updates with the market demand and able to adapt any changes. These abilities are in line with the mission of MUC as a learning organization. In order to provide the best service to clients, MUC always seeks innovation by utilizing advanced technology and knowledge. Now, in its 10th anniversary MUC has successfully developed computerized information system software that enables MUC to shorten information flows and work procedures. This software is not only user friendly but also environmental friendly since it could minimize the use of papers. This is in accordance with the spirit of environmental protection campaigned by the United Nation Global Compact in which MUC joins as a member.

We give our best gratitude to all our clients and business relations for the support throughout the years. May this year bring new hopes and more success for all of us Happy New Year!


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