Rethink, Reshape, Regain – A Road to MUC’s 10th Anniversary (州立スマラン大学・経済学部の素晴しいプログラム)


Welcome its 10th anniversary, MUC Registered Tax Consultants (MUC) held the 2008 Employee Gathering on 22 November 2008. With the theme of “Rethink, Reshape, and Regain (Building a Positive Mental Attitude”, this event took place at Grand Jaya Raya Hotel, Cipayung Bogor. This event was divided into several sessions, among others, Business Practice, insight by MUC stakeholders, the Art of EGO Valuation, and Motivational sessions.

In his speech, the MUC managing partner, Mr. Sugianto wished that the event could boost MUC’s employees’ motivation to enhance their performance as an answer to the increasingly competitive business challenge. “MUC was established with the persistence of its founders who were eager to take an enormous step among difficulties and obstacles. The 10th anniversary of MUC shall be a turning point for all employees and management to rearrange bigger plans together for the future” thus Sugianto said. In addition, Sugianto also stated that MUC gives a wide opportunity for all employees to show their performances and achieve the highest position in MUC.

In the Business Practice session, 66 participants of gathering were divided into some small groups. These small groups received some money from the committee as initial capital to establish a motorcycle wash business. The groups were located in six different places along Cipayung-Puncak road to pursue customers. This session was aimed to build the spirit of team work and to test the persistence of all employees and management in reaching a target. “This activity is a simulation of the founders’ efforts in establishing MUC ten years ago, though in a different form” said Erry Tri Merita, HRD assistant manager of MUC. By joining this kind of activity, employees are expected to have the same spirit in developing MUC as the spirit of founders when they started their business from zero.

As an evaluation to the Business Practice session and to refresh the spirit of employees, the founders who were represented by Managing Director of MUC Consulting Group, Mr. Razikun, and accompanied by Mr. Sugianto who gave their insight at the night session. The founders explained about the process of MUC establishment, from getting the first client into currently maintaining hundreds of national and multinational company clients. To close the night session, Harry D. Nugraha led EGO Valuation session which encouraged all employees and management to have positive mental attitude in facing all conditions.

In the Motivation Session held the second day, Ahmad Zae Hanan was the speaker explaining the power of dream which could influence someone’s life. “I pointed my finger to tax building and whispered that I will give training to officers working in that building. I repeated my words several times and brought it into my dreams. At the end, my dream came true” said Zae as he shared his experience when starting his career as a speaker. He convinced all participants that being always optimistic in life, any achievement would not be impossible thing to get. Finally, just like a slogan introduced during the gathering, all participants were expected to have positive mental attitude, and in facing their life to always shout out the magic word “enthusiastic!”


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