GREAT Programme in FE-UNNES (州立スマラン大学・経済学部の素晴しいプログラム)


“Students should not rely on lecturing system only, which is curricular, but also have to keep enhance their skill so that they will not be left behind in the competitive world” thus Drs. Agus Wahyudin, M.Si, the Dean of Faculty of Economics of Semarang State University (FE UNNES) stated when opening GREAT Program in FIS Building. In the same occasion, Agus expressed his gratitude to MUC for its concern on student development program by giving career orientation and e-SPT training. In line with Agus, the Assistant Dean III of FE UNNES, Drs. Kusmuriyanto, M. Si welcomed the cooperation between UNNES and stated that UNNES will develop similar programs gradually to give more benefits to the students.

GREAT program in UNNES was held on 22 October 2008. This event was divided into two sessions; career orientation session and e-SPT training session. The career orientation session was attended by 152 participants and led by the Director of Administration of MUC, Ika Fithriyadi, Ak, and two speakers from KPP Pratama Semarang Selatan, Sapto Nugroho Sejati, SE and Moh. Khaerudin SE. Meanwhile, the e-SPT training was attended by 51 participants and led by a MUC tax consultant, Nurdiansyah S. Sos.

GREAT Program (Generating Real Excellence in the Area of Taxation) is one of CSR programs of MUC Registered Tax Consultants. This program has been running for three years in cooperation with some universities, among others, University of Indonesia, Syahkuala University, Mulawarman University, Yogyakarta State University, and Semarang State University. On each event, GREAT always presents internal speakers from MUC and guest speakers such as from KPK and Tax Offices. By joining the program, students are expected to gain more knowledge and moral value prior to entering the business world.


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