Launching of MUC Surabaya Branch (MUCスラバヤ支店の開設)

Following the first branch launching in Balikpapan, MUC launched its new branch office in Surabaya on 20 August 2008. The launching of this second branch was marked with a free seminar concerning Sunset Policy held in Shangri-la Hotel Surabaya presenting Mr. Sugianto, managing partner of MUC, as the speaker. The event was attended by more than 45 companies from various industries and was also attended by Mr Razikun, the managing director of MUC Consulting group, Mrs. Titut Sayekti from the East Java Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Mr. Abdullah from East Java Regional Tax Office.

In his speech, Mr. Razikun stated that MUC was established in Jakarta ten years ago but the embryo was actually born earlier in Surabaya in year 1994. “Since its establishment, MUC has been determining to render the best tax service to its clients and to bridge their interest with the tax office. This role is expected to enable the clients to focus more on their core business,” Mr. Razikun added.

Meanwhile, in her speech Ms. Titut Sayekti stated that Tax Office recently is collecting information from various sources to enhance the state revenue from tax. Therefore, she suggested all companies to comply with the prevailing tax regulation and to utilize sunset policy as a chance to obtain tax exemption.

Still on the same occasion, Mr. Abdullah expressed his expectation that by the presence of MUC, companies in Surabaya would be able to run their business better. Mr. Abdullah also explained that basically tax is not intended to seek sanctions since it will only be imposed if companies do not comply with the prevailing regulation. At the end of his speech, Mr. Abdulah gave taxpayer ID number of MUC Surabaya branch to Mr. Otto Budihardjo as the Surabaya Branch Manager.


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  1. Good luck to MUC for opening its Branch in Surabaya……

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