DGT Searches for 1.200 Auditors (税務総局 1.200人の監査官を採用 )

This year, the Directorate General of Taxes requires 1,200 auditors. To fulfill the need, almost a half of civil servant recruitments of Finance Department, conducted all at once throughout the Indonesias provision a day ago, will be employed to fulfill the position.

The Secretary General of Finance Department, Mulia Nasution, said that the Directorate General of Taxes calls for licensed and experienced auditor in line with the economic development in Indonesia. The potency of taxation has to be excavated as well. This effort will need skillful human resources, he said when observing the selection process.

With this selection, future auditors are expected to serve entrepreneurs well. In addition, he said that this selection is in line with the bureaucracy reform at the Finance Department. We expect that employees competencies will improve, so that those who are not competent in certain services can be restructured,

Further, he added that there are over number of human resources at the Directorate General of Treasury. Meanwhile, the Directorate General of Taxes and the Directorate General of Customs and Excise still need additional employees. They have many offices in regional level

The member of Finance Commission of Indonesian Legislative Assembly, Andi Rahmat, states that the Governments effort to recruit new auditors constitutes a positive step. This recruitment is in conformity with the implementation of General Provisions and Tax Procedures, which regulates equality of taxpayers and tax officers, simplicity of administration procedures, and the presence of justice and law certainty.

This member of faction from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) is in opinion that at the moment there are many officers of the Directorate General of Taxes who do not have auditor background so that they are not able to follow the development of modern finance. Besides, tax officers often misuse their authority. If there are new faces, there will be better improvement for the Directorate General of Taxes, he said. This effort is also appropriate to welcome the new Income Tax Law. Tax officers who have auditor background will be more competent.

The recruitment test for employees at Department of Finance, which was conducted in 15 cities, were participated by more than 59 thousand applicants. Previously in the first stage, the preliminary applicants were reaching to 90 thousand.

The Location Coordinator which is also Head of Regional Committee, Abdul Gofar, states that the selection was intended for undergraduate and post graduate applicants. They are projected to fill the position in echelon IV in 2013. We will continue the selection until only 2.500 applicants left, Gofar said.

Source: Translated from an article in Tempo Interaktif; Wednesday, 30 July 2008


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