MUC at HR Seminar in Malaysia (マレーシアにおける人材セミナーでのMUC)

MUC fulfilled the invitation as a speaker in a one-day Human Resource Management seminar held in Park Royal Hotel, Malaysia on 29 May 2008. The seminar was designed to offer the participants a clear understanding of HR Practices for local employees as well as expatriates to be able to effectively manage human resources and practices in Indonesia. It was attended by 20 participants coming from various companies in Malaysia.

As one of the participating companies for the event, MUC Registered Tax Consultants appointed Meydawati, one of the tax managers at MUC, to deliver a topic entitled Employees’ Taxation in Indonesia. This topic was one of the five topics prepared by Convention Pro International (CPI), the event organizer. In her presentation, Meydawati explained about the scope of individual taxation in Indonesia, income tax laws applicable to individuals, exemption and deduction allowable and their limits, expatriates vs. local employees, tax saving instruments, common planning techniques, and also the use of tax treaty.

All participants showed big enthusiasm and eagerness to know deeper about taxation aspects for individual as well as in connection with taxation on employee’s income, Meydawati said. From their questions and comments, it could be seen how surprised they were on how aggressive the Indonesian Income Tax Law is. Worldwide income principle, minimum allowed deductions, proportional foreign tax credit, and high & progressive tax rate were points on which they mostly focused. In addition, Meydawati also highlighted some new information regarding the improvement made by the Indonesian Tax Authority through their modern tax office which supervises foreign companies and expatriates exercised in Indonesia. She also informed some incentives in the new Income Tax Bill which is still being discussed by the Indonesia Parliament e.g. reduction on tax rate, allowable promotional expense, non taxable for dividend received by non active shareholder etc.

the seminar also presented some speakers with the topics of Indonesia Manpower Law & Regulation, Employment of Expatriates in Indonesia, Employing and Managing Local Employees, and Cultural Differences & Adaption Challenges. The seminar was also supported by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and Singapore Accountancy Academy.


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