MUC Launched Tax Book in Yogyakarta (MUC ジョクジャカルタ市でタックス・ブックを出版)

MUC Registered Tax Consultant launched a tax book entitled Kupas Tuntas Objek PPN in Yogyakarta. The book written by DR. Haula Rosdiana, M.Si, Agus Kristiyanto, SE, and Sukirno, SE was launched on 17 April 2008 in Yogyakarta at a same time with GREAT Program (Generating Real Excellence in the Area of Taxation) for students in the Faculty of Social and Economics, Yogyakarta State University (FISE UNY) conducted by MUC in cooperation with FISE UNY and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). The book launching was also attended by Sardiman AM, M.Pd, the Dean of FISE UNY and staffs. In this occasion, DR. Haula Rosdiana, M.Si gave a book of Kupas Tuntas Objek PPN to as the Dean of FISE to mark the book launching officially.

Meanwhile, GREAT for Students as one of MUC’s Corporate Social Responsibility program was opened by the dean of FISE UNY and followed by Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing. The MoU was intended as a commitment between FISE UNY and MUC in developing human resource in taxation. The first session of GREAT was led by Ika Fithriyadi, Ak, as Director of MUC, and DR. Haula Rosdiana M.Si delivering a presentation about career orientation and motivation. In the second session, Haryono Umar, M.Si, the vice chairman of KPK, became a keynote speaker for anti corruption. In the last session, Arie Widodo, SE, MSM from MUC led e-SPT training participated by students, lecturers, and finance staffs of FISE UNY in the FISE’s computer laboratory.

In his opening remarks, Sardiman stated that career orientation and taxation training such as GREAT could give contribution for students about prospects of work. For lecturers, it could be an opportunity to enhance their technical skills, and for finance staffs it could encourage them to be good taxpayers. A good citizen should love to pay tax, fulfill their tax obligation timely, and comply with the prevailing tax regulations, he added.



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